At Keystone Heating & Cooling, we take a trustworthy and respectful approach to providing top-quality heating services to ensure your comfort year-round. From residential furnace repair and maintenance, to heating efficiency solutions and emergency heating repair, we offer a full range of high quality, quiet and efficient home comfort systems to meet your heating needs.

Gas Furnaces

Keystone Heating & Cooling offers a variety of fuel efficient models that range from standard, two-stage and variable speed controls and from 80% to 96.6% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. In addition, these models run quietly and are equipped with “smart” technologies and excellent warranties.

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Heat Pumps

We offer the best heat pumps to keep your home comfortable, even during the coldest Central Ohio days. From dual to variable speed, we have many energy efficient heat pumps to suit your needs.

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Air Handlers (Electric Furnace)

Pair your heat pump with an air handler to supply your home with reliable comfort. Air handlers work in conjunction with your heat pump to provide additional heat in the most extreme Central Ohio weather conditions.

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