New Year, New Habits!

Do you realize that changing or at least inspecting your furnace filter on a regular basis will not only keep the air cleaner within your house, but it will also save you from costly repair bills in the future?

When dirt and dust builds up on the filter, the static pressure of the duct system increases. In most cases, the increased static pressure will effect blower motors by making them work harder than designed – which in the long run will result in a failure of the blower motor which can be very costly.

Also, the dirty filter can plug the open “spores” that the air is supposed to pass through efficiently. Your furnace is designed to breathe through the cold air duct and if the filter is so dirty that it becomes plugged, it could cause the furnace to overheat which in turn will trip the high heat limits that the manufacturers install as safeties from overheating.

At Keystone Heating and Cooling, we offer a couple of remedies to remind you to change or inspect your furnace filter.

  • Planned Maintenance Agreement: Keystone will perform a 29-point check 2 times a year which includes your air filter. If we find the filter to be dirty, we will recommend that you change and/or change it for you.
  • Keystone Monthly Filter Club: At Keystone, we offer an economical reminder for you. It’s simple. You enroll in our Monthly Filter Club, we ship the filter to you and you change it. What is a better reminder than to find your filter on your porch when you come home?
  • Monthly Email Reminder: Send us your email and we will send a monthly email reminding you to check your furnace filter.

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