New Year New Goals! Winter Energy Efficiency Tips

Happy 2020! It’s that time when many of us initiate our goals as a fresh start to the new year, leaving old habits behind and bringing on new opportunities. For some of us, seeking goals to set for ourselves may be tricky.

Let us help make it easy for you by giving you a goal for winter of 2020: saving money by efficiently maintaining your home. During winter months, we tend to use more energy and spend more money by setting the thermostat higher, resulting in our furnace to run a lot longer due to cool weather. 

To run energy in your home more efficiently, check out our Winter Energy Efficiency Tips below that will help save energy in your home without breaking the bank.  

Winter Energy Efficiency Tips

Check for Drafty Areas and Properly Insulate Your Home. Air can be leaking in your home anywhere—from under the doors, through the windows and even through electrical boxes. For doors and windows, invest in weather strips to keep out the cold! For water pipes under the sink and electrical boxes, invest in foam sealant or caulk to keep out the draft.

Bundle Up. Layer up with some wool socks, sweaters and blankets to keep warm instead of turning up your furnace.

Adjust Your Thermostat. When you’re away from home or going to bed, adjust your thermostat to a lower setting. To keep warm while you’re asleep, invest in some flannel sheets and layer up.

Get a Humidifier. Adding moisture to the air holds heat better, which will allow for you to have your thermostat set at a lower temperature and will keep you feeling more comfortable in your home.

Check Your Filters. If your filters are not changed frequently, this may cause blockage from dust and debris, restricting your furnace from proper airflow. Restricted airflow can result in your furnace working harder to push out the air and can escalate into a costly problem.

Keep your Fireplace Damper Closed. If you have a fireplace and aren’t using it, be sure to have the damper closed. You would not want that extra heat escaping from your home!

Take Advantage of the Sun. During the day, utilize the free heat coming from outside! Open the blinds that are in the southeast facing windows to have the sun enter your home and provide extra heat to keep you cozy.

Limit Using Exhaust Fans. Exhaust fans are great for vacuuming out the smell from your kitchen, but if you let your exhaust continue to run long after cooking, this will vacuum out the warm air from your home.

Use Your Ceiling Fan. Normally, our ceiling fans are used to cool us down while they are spinning counterclockwise. During the wintertime, you’ll want to have your ceiling fan spinning clockwise instead, pushing down the heat that rises.

Wishing you a warm and healthy 2020!