Landscaping Tips Around Outdoor Units

  • Clearance. Make sure to space your plants at a minimum of 2’-3’ from the outdoor unit. This allows your air conditioner to breathe and have better airflow.
  • Shade. Plant taller plants around your air conditioner to keep it cool and to prevent the sun from beating directly on it. Protecting your air conditioner with shade keeps the temperature down so the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home.
  • Cover the ground. Use mulch or rocks to cover the ground around your outdoor unit. This will help protect your air conditioner during rainfall. If you have soil around your air conditioner during heavy rain, the dirt may splash into your unit, causing damage and filling in your unit with dirt and debris.
  • Types of Plants. Depending on your style of plants, ornamental grasses or hedges are recommended as a source for shade and concealing. These are great options to begin with since they don’t lose a lot of foliage during winter months. This will decrease the amount of yard work around your unit and will keep the area clear of debris build-up.
  • Consider a Fence or Lattice. Putting in a fence or lattice is another option to conceal your outdoor unit. For a colorful garden, install a lattice around your air conditioner and grow flowers that climb up!

    Landscaping for your AC