Fall Home Maintenance

Jumping from summer heat to the cool breezy weather, our excitement grows for enjoying spiced goods and warm beverages with loved ones. As we transition into winter, our schedule gets crowded with seasonal activities, shopping and traveling for the holidays. Because of this, we tend to neglect preparing for our Midwest winter, overlooking responsibilities of the light maintenance around our home that can protect our family, extend the life of our equipment and will mean cost savings in the long run. Below, we’ve provided some tips that will ensure a happy home!

Property Maintenance Tips

1. Clean out your gutters. As seasons change,, falling leaves and debris can collect in your gutters. If this isn’t cleaned out, any water from the rain or snow won’t be controlled– causing clogs and water leaks in your home which will result in further, costly damage.
2. Check for exposed water pipes. Make sure your water pipes aren’t exposed and have proper insulation. The last thing you would want is for the water to freeze up during the winter and have plumbing issues/damaged pipes!
3. Check for exposed wires. Protect yourself and your family by hiring someone that can help you examine your system on a routine basis to prevent outages or electrical fires.
4. Check carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly to detect any odorless byproducts that come from places like your furnace or water heater. These gases can be deadly, so protect yourself and your family by doing something as simple as buying new batteries!
5. Replace your air filters. Clogged air filters can cause failure in your HVAC systems if the debris doesn’t have a trap to cycle to. Simply changing your air filters can prevent costly expenses with your HVAC system.
6. Schedule a service tune-up. Aside from having your filters checked, having your furnace inspected before winter hits is imperative to ensure that you’re comfortable in your home when temperatures drop.


Call Keystone today at 614-321-4447 to schedule a service check! Consider a planned maintenance agreement to ensure your HVAC system is checked both Spring and Fall.