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Choosing a Smart Thermostat for Ohio’s Stupid Weather.

Smart Thermostats

If you live in Ohio, you know that the weather can be a funny thing. This winter has been particularly bi-polar when it comes to temperatures. In the morning it’s freezing, and by afternoon it feels like a pleasant spring day. So, how do you make sure your house fluctuates to accommodate this stupid weather? By choosing a smart thermostat that takes the headache out of your heat bill. With so many options on the market, we want to share the process we follow when assisting our customers.

Tip 1: Do your research

Google is your best friend when trying to figure out which smart thermostat to choose. Be sure to look at consumer reviews and ratings on multiple websites. That said, the public can be pretty vocal when it comes to negatives. This is why we advise reading all of the comments on multiple websites to get an accurate picture of the product.

Tip 2: Look for advanced technology features that fit your needs

Most smart thermostats come equipped with the basics like operating system sync, phone apps, and touch screen capabilities. Some go above and beyond with features that detect motion, allow for voice control, and alert for carbon monoxide. You may not need all the bells and whistles, so look for a product that makes sense for your family needs.

Tip 3: Know your skill level

There’s nothing worse than getting a new tech toy and spending many frustrating hours trying to get it working. Sometimes the highest tech device is also the most complicated. So, before you click purchase, be sure to consider your own skill level to save hours of headache and annoyance.

When you find the right smart thermostat, it’s a heating bill game changer. Like smartphones, each user has his/her own preference, so take the time to do your homework, look for features that fit your home, and keep your personal skill level in mind to avoid frustrations. To make it easier, give us a call and we’ll help you find the best solution for your home.

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